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Publisher "Mettex" was created in 1998 to publish the magazine "Refractories and technical ceramics", as well as reference and information and literature on high-temperature ceramic materials.

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 About the Journal

Monthly international scientific-technical and industrial journal "Refractories and technical ceramics" was formed in the 30-ies the last century, as the organ of the domestic refractory industry and science. The rapid growth of the steel industry and the formation of the Russian refractory industry in the process of industrialization of the country resulted in the creation of a specialized publication that can respond to the current issues of the production and use of heat-resistant products. The first issue was released in April 1933 (up to the mid 90-ies was issued under the name of "Refractories"). For over 75 years the magazine inseparably accompanies domestic industry enterprises and research organizations by providing them with information related to the creation and use of fire-resistant and high-tech ceramic products.


scientific research

Refractories from consumers

Refractories for the glass and other industries
raw materials
research methods
international review (article on translate * Proceedings of the international conferences, symposia, Congress)
information(exhibitions, conferences)

The magazine is registered by the Ministry of Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications 03.04.2003 Reg. PI №77-14234.

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