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PhD. tehn. Sciences V.M Nartsev, N.V Osipenko, S.V Zaitsev, PhD. biol. Sciences M.I Vasilenko, PhD. biol. Sciences E.N Goncharov, Phd. biol. Science V.S Vaschilin, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University them. VG Shukhov ", Belgorod, Russia

UDC 621.793.7: 546.82.03 / .04 RESEARCH  OPTICAL PROPERTIES AND EVALUATION photocatalytic activity TiOx-coatings synthesized by magnetron sputtering

The effect of the proportion of oxygen, the distance "target sample" and time magnetron deposition thickness and refractive index of the coating, measured by spectroscopic ellipsometry as well as the photocatalytic activity and bactericidal coatings. A method for evaluation of photocatalytic activity with respect to oleic acid, based on IR spectroscopy. A substantial impact of deviations magnetron chamber pumping speed by the thickness and refractive index of the coating. The coatings non-stoichiometric and have a thin contact layer with a high content of Ti. Dependencies of photocatalytic activity of the coating deposition regimes in relation to the oleic acid, and methylene blue are not the same, due to the difference in the concentration of centers that catalyze the oxidation of the substances concerned. The most bactericidal showing samples in which the maxima of oxidizing ability with respect to the two substances are similar. Keywords: magnetron sputtering, the titanium oxide coating, optical properties, photocatalytic activity, antibacterial.


 PhD. Sci. A.V Kornilov, PhD. Sci. A.V Sabylinsky,PhD. biol. Science V.S Vaschilin, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko, * PhD. tehn. Science V.S Kornilov

Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov, Belgorod,Russia

* Primorye State Agricultural Academy, Ussuriysk, Russia

UDC 666.7 INFLUENCE of residual gases on properties of polycrystalline Co / Cu / Co films

The effect of residual gases in the magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of polycrystalline sandwich Co / Cu / Co films after deposition and after annealing at totzhe = 240 ° C. It is found that the samples damaged by residual gases show a low value and a high magnetoresistance namagnichennost.Magnitorezistivnye residual peaks on the curve of the giant magnetoresistive effect, the thickness of the nonmagnetic layer of copper is practically absent. After annealing revealed sharp antiferromagnetic peaks at a thickness of the copper layer equal dCu = 1,2; 2,2 and 3 nm, which are consistent with the literature data. The reasons for the increase in the magnetoresistive effect. There is a correlation between the percentage of antiferromagnetic related areas and the saturation field for the study obraztsov. Keywords: magnetron sputtering, giant magnetoresistance, antiferromagnetic coupling, three-layer film, the temperature annealing.



J.K Nepochatov1, PhD. tehn. Sciences E.V 1 Malikova, Dr. Sc. Science P.M Pletnev 2, PhD. tehn. Sciences A.A Bogaev 1

1OOO "Ceramic Engineering", Novosibirsk, Russia

2Siberian State Transport University, Novosibirsk, Russia

UDC: 666.3-16 ONFLUENCE Of COMPLEX additives on sintering and properties of alumina ceramic armor

It is experimentally shown that the use of small additions of complex composition in the charge alumina bronekeramiki based alumina Almatis CT 800 can significantly FG (50-150 degrees) to lower the sintering temperature of the material. Eutectic additive systems: MgO-Al2O3-SiO2, MnO-Al2O3-TiO2, MnO-TiO2 ceramics reduce the temperature at 50-70 ° C, and the additional introduction of the additive with the eutectic composition of magnesium aluminum silicate oxides of yttrium, titanium, zirconium, reducing the temperature to 100-150 ° C. Keywords: ceramics, corundum, alumina, modifier and complex eutectic additives.


Dr. Sc. Sciences V.K Starks, Dr. Sc. Science S.A Ryabtsev

VPO Moscow Technological University "STANKIN", Moscow, Russia


For example, the preparation of multi-component abrasive ceramic materials with a high degree of density differences in the components of the composition The effect of regulations on mixing technology and operational svoystva.Issledovany options with a coherent and consistent group-load components of the composition of the masses with the subsequent assessment of their moisture, strength, deformation and hardness of samples after firing.


International Review


C. Pagliosa, A. Campos, H. Freyer

Company MAGNESITA, Brazil

IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY OF REFRACTORY PRODUCTS ON THE BASIS OF periclase-carbon-alumina ultra-low carbon content

Currently, stainless steel smelting requires the use of a new generation of fire-resistant materials with ultra-low carbon content. In addition to improving the quality of steel and energy saving, such materials provide a reduction in emissions SO2.Ogneupornye products (bricks), ultra low carbon have a reduced thermal conductivity, which can only be achieved by replacing the natural graphite nanographite. However, reducing the carbon content causes several problems: low resistance to thermal shock (cyclic thermal loading), increase the wettability of the liquid metal and slag, low oxidation resistance due to the recovery of particles grafita.Spetsialny nanographite was generated in order to enhance the oxidation resistance at 50% in comparison with the natural graphite due to the presence of nano-sized particles and provide the desired properties required for steel otrasli.V This paper describes results of nanographite with low (5 1%) containing carbon as a component of refractory bricks based on alumina of periclase -carbon. To homogenize the mixture applied vigorous stirring. Test results nanografitovyh bricks in the buckets of consumers, as well as their mechanical properties


P. Marinelli, J. Marinelli, A. Rapetto, S. Camello, M. Rimoldi

Institute of Metallurgy, San Nicolas, Argentina

STUDY wear mechanism of aluminous refractory concrete during hot REPAIR notches blast furnaces


Valentin O. *, F. Nazareth

University of Toulouse, France

Numerical Simulation of creep of ceramic materials using Drucker-Prager MODELS

In ceramic materials, operate at high temperatures, there is a phenomenon of creep, in most cases the tensile creep rate is greater than in compression. The case of such asymmetric creep is not usually considered in engineering practice, since it is difficult to model and calculate. The article describes the use of the model Drucker-Prager model in conjunction with a power creep to calculate the asymmetric static creep of ceramic materials.



Dr. econ. Sciences V.M Rytvin1; Dr. geol-min. Sciences V.A Perepelitsyn2; PhD. tehn. Sciences V.A Abyzov3; PhD. tehn. A.N Sciences Abyzov4; A.V Hvatov4

1 of "UK-Group MidYural Super Alloys", Ekaterinburg, Russia

2 of "east", Ekaterinburg, Russia

3 VPO "South Ural State University (NIU)", Chelyabinsk, Russia

4Ltd "Kluchevskaya processing factory", pos. Dvurechenskikh, Sverdlovsk region, Russia


PRACTICE processing and application of ferroalloy SLAG

Shows the general characteristics of multicomponent ferroalloy slag "Klyuchevskii Ferroalloy Plant". Described radiometric separation flowsheet for the separation of slag aluminothermic material composition. The high efficiency aluminothermic slags as a unique multi-mineral raw materials for the production of high-alumina and alumina cement, refractory, heat-insulating and heat-resistant concrete for lining of various thermal units. Installed in principle the possibility of applying a number of slag to produce slag-forming materials in steelmaking slag agregatah.Titanoglinozemisty promising carbonitride to form a protective wall accretion in blast furnaces. On the basis of complex dross Materials developed a new non-waste resource-saving technology for producing doped fused alumina spinel and tsementa. Keywords: aluminothermic slag, X-ray radiometric separation, aluminous cement, refractory concrete, spinel


Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko, PhD. tehn. O.V Lyashenko, O.B Polivanova, Y. Nikonov *

Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov, Belgorod,Russia

* JSC "Polimerservis", Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.3.022.1:541.12.013.2 Composite  materials using raw clay STABILIZED

The possibility of structural stabilization of clay raw materials by hydrothermal treatment, contributing to improve the quality of raw materials and finished products of polymer composites and ceramic sostavov. Keywords: ceramics, polymers, clay, kaolin, stabilization, hydrothermal treatment, rheology.

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