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Kand. tehn. Sciences M.D Gasparyan, Dr. Sc. Sciences V.N Grunskii,Dr. Sc. A.V Science Bespalov, PhD. chemical. Science E.P Magomedbekov, N.A Popova

Russian Chemistry-Technology University by Mendeleev, Moscow, Russia

UDC 621.039.73 Ceramics of highly-cell BLOCK-FILTERS sorbents for retention of cesium vapor

Abstract ceramic filters, sorbents based on highly porous cellular materials (HPCM), intended for vapor recovery of radioactive cesium. To determine the efficacy and adsorption capacity of the filter-sorbents in the process of high-temperature vapor chemisorption stable Cs. Keywords: highly porous ceramic honeycomb materials (HPCM), filter sorbent sorption-active  layer, a pair of radioactive cesium, high chemisorption, adsorption capacity, collection efficiency.


Kand. biol. Science VS Vaschilin, PhD. tehn. Sciences VM Nartsev,cand. tehn. Sciences SV Karatsupa, Dr. Sc. EI Sciences Yevtushenko, DS Prohorenkovs, SV Zaitsev

Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov str. Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.7FORMATION AlN THIN FILMS ON GLASS BY quadrupole magnetron sputtering

The structural and morphological properties of aluminum nitride coatings obtained by quadrupole magnetron sputtering were analyzed using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The regularities of deposition with a stoichiometric composition corresponding to the structure of aluminum nitride. The films deposited on glass AlN detected preferred orientation (002) .Key words: aluminum nitride, magnetron sputtering, X-ray diffraction.


Kand. tehn. EM Sciences Dyatlov, PhD. tehn. ES Sciences Kakoshko, cand. tehn. Sciences KB Podbolotov

Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Belarus

UDC 666.01 Raw material and activates the additives on the sintering process, properties and structure of ceramics based on Al2O3-SiO2 System

The effect of the form and dispersion of silica-containing component and the firing temperature on the porosity, density and thermal expansion ceramics based on SiO2-Al2O3 system. The influence of additives in the form of mineralized oxides RO (CaO, MgO, ZnO), activates the process of sintering which reduces porosity of the material, increasing its density and mechanical strength. The possibility of using the ceramic mass, comprising as component plastic refractory clay and silica-containing material - a combination of crystalline silica (quartz sand) and amorphous silica (silica gel) - to provide a desired set of properties of ceramic electrolytic keys electrode pH-metric devices.   Keywords: ceramic material, refractory materials.


Kand. Sci. Sciences VI Barbashov, PhD. Sci. Sciences NN Belousov, AV Zhebel

Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute. AA Galkin National Academy of Sciences, Donetsk, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 Fe2O3 doping on the conductivity of yttrium-stabilized zirconium dioxide

The effect of doping with 2 mol. % Fe2O3 on the conductivity of ceramic zirconia stabilized with 6-12 mole. % Y2O3. It was found that the maximum conductivity on the concentration dependences doping Fe2O3 is observed at 10 mol. % Y2O3, and the conductivity in the doped material increases 1.4 raza.Poluchennye results are analyzed in terms of the model, assuming the character of the controlling influence of hydrostatic pressure on the diffusion of ions O2. Keywords: yttrium-stabilized zirconia, conductivity, doping, phase transition pressure .


Dr. Sc. ES Sciences Gevorkyan1, OM Melnik1, PhD. tehn. Sciences VA Chishkala2

1Ukrainskaya State Academy of Railway Transport, Kharkov, Ukraine

2 Kharkiv National University. VN Karazin, Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 Some of features of structure zirconia ceramics WITH ADDITION OF NANO-WC

The structures, processes shrinkage and phase composition of compact system ZrO2-WC, obtained by hot pressing with a high current passing the current. It is found that as a result of compaction is a uniform density distribution, optimal mode of manufacture ZrO2-WC ceramics are - T = 1300-1400 ° C Rpres = 30 MPa  = 2 min, at which the best combination of properties is achieved by the ceramic density and strength criteria .Keywords:  ZrO2-WC, hardness, fracture toughness


 Kand. tehn. Sciences AA Sandulyak

Moscow State Construction University, Moscow, Russia

UDC 666.7 BASIC characteristics of traditional "short" of the matrix of magnetic separator filters

An essential dependence of the level of magnetization of samples the filter matrix of their relative dimensions, particularly in the area of ​​its lower values, which is typical for the devices used in industrial filtration type. Based on the results of research, it is recommended in the design of magnetic separators of this type to follow the requirements of minimizing the demagnetization factor: lengthening the working area, forming a closed magnetic circuit separatora.  Keywords: magnetic separator, "short" filter matrix, the demagnetization factor, the relative level of magnetization.


 Dr. Sc. Science U.Sh. Shayakhmetov, PhD. tehn. AR Sciences Murzakova

Bashkir State Pedagogical University. Akmulla, Ufa, Russia

UDC: 620.173.25 Obtain of  deformation processes in nanostructured composite ceramic materials

The results of tests of nanostructured ceramic composite materials at high temperature deformation and crack. Keywords: ceramic composites, high temperature deformation and creep.


 Vahula, IV Lutsyuk, ID Borschishin *, KS Besaga

National University "Lviv Polytechnic", Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv State University of Life Safety,Lviv, Ukraine

UDK666.3.-121: 544.022.822  Ceramic oxide powder  AND BASIS OF MODIFICATION

The results of the synthesis of oxide powders of complex composition and various functional purpose for the liquid-phase technology. Methods of modifying powders by chemical agents, depending on their structure and the main characteristics. The mechanism of action of modifying agents. Keywords: ceramic powders, liquid-phase technology, the modification of the structure.


YA Komysa, PhD. Sci. GY Sciences Akimov, AV Zhebel, IV Pismenova

Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute. AA Galkin of Ukraine,. Donetsk, Ukraine

UDC 666.7Influence  HIP ON THE FORMATION OF PHASE composition and electrical properties of ceramics ScCeSZ

In this paper we study the effect of pre-compression pressure on the electrical properties of a promising functional ceramics zirconia stabilized with scandium oxide and cerium. The dependence of the phase composition and electrical conductivity of the ceramic pressure HIP. The conclusion about the existence of the optimal mode by pressing and sintering, which allows to obtain ceramics with the best svoystvami. Keywords: zirconia stabilized with scandium oxide and cerium, cold isostatic pressing, structure and properties.


International Review

C. Clasen, K. Dannert

Association for Research refractories, Germany

INFILTRATION molten steel in the purge plug METALLURGICAL Buckets

I. Maykrovich

Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Poland

The effect of viscosity matrix on the deposition rate of self-aggregate in the refractory concrete

The paper studies the relationship between the effective viscosity of the suspension and fluidity concrete, as the phenomenon of sedimentation. To verify the legitimacy of the use of Stokes' law to predict the deposition of large particles in the SCC. The calculation results are verified experimentally.

N. Sarioglu, Sesver A., ​​M. Timucin

Company KUMAŞ -Magnesite Industries Inc., Turkey

STUDY OF CORROSION OF REFRACTORIES MgO-C in electric arc furnace steel slag with different contents of magnesium oxide

The results of the study of corrosion of refractory products of MgO-C EAF slag with varying degrees of saturation of magnesium oxide. Nominal chemical composition of the original slag had the appearance of a local producer,%: CaO 36,28, SiO2 16,26, Al2O3 9,82, Fe2O3 (t) 26,43, MnO 6,73 and MgO 3,33, with little presence of Cr2O3, TiO2, P2O5, and S. During the studies, this composition was modified by gradual addition of MgO up to saturation at a temperature of 1600 ° C according isothermal chart rastvorimosti.Issledovanie corrosion product system MgO-C was carried out using conventional cup-tests performed in various oxidation -vosstanovitelnyh atmosferah.V ​​the experiments was studied chemical change. slag composition, physical and microstructural properties of the products obtained by a scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffraction and X-ray electron probe microanalysis (EDS).

 B. Mire

The company Elkem Silicon Materials, Norway

STUDY solidification and mechanical properties of refractory concrete MIKROKREMNEZEMISTOY GEL BASED ON DIFFERENT conjunction with cement

Cementless refractory concretes based mikrokremnezemistoy gel ligaments have attractive properties, in particular good flow at very small amount of water and the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures after drying. Although their strength in a wet state is less than the low-cement concrete, it can be used without cracking. After drying at 110 ° C, the strength of such concrete increases significantly. The article presents the results of research samorastekaemosti refractory concrete based on white fused alumina, as well as their strength in cold and hot state at temperatures up to 1500 ° C. Porosity measurement showed that it corresponds to the volume of water used in the manufacture of concrete.



Dr. Sc. KN Sciences Vdovin, OA Marochkin, Dr. Sc. Sciences VV Tochilkin

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher

Professional Education (VPO) "Magnitogorsk State

Technical University. GI Nosov ", Magnitogorsk, Russia

UDC 621,746,047: 669.054.2S  USE refractory steel casting TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT CCM

The technology and equipment flow control subsystem metal casting ladle - tundish for long continuous casting machines (CCM). Designs of elements of the device to protect the metal stream in the casting on the CCM. The design of the device to protect the metal stream during pouring for continuous casting machine precludes the passage of air into the jet of metal in the casting and provides a rational parameters feeding argon into the annular recess refractory tube, which improves the quality of the cast metal. All this allows us to ensure the stability of the casting process and improve the quality of the cast metals. Key words: continuous casting machine, the intermediate ladle refractories, manipulator, argon.


Kand. tehn. Sciences VA Abyzov1, PhD. tehn. AN Sciences Abyzov2, AK Abramov3,Dr. economy. Sciences VM Rytvin4, AV Hvatov2 Dr. geol.-miner. Sciences VA Perepelitsyn5,

1FGBOU VPO "South Ural State University (NIU)", Chelyabinsk, Russia

2 «Kluchevskaya processing factory", p. Dvurechenskikh, Sverdlovsk region, Russia

3OOO NPP "Krona-SM", Novosibirsk, Russia

4OAO "UK" Super Alloys ", Ekaterinburg, Russia

5OAO "east", Ekaterinburg, Russia


UDC 666.6 Not dry  mixture for heat-resistant concrete based on binders and fillers from HIGH-INDUSTRIAL WASTE

Developed dry mixes for refractory concretes binders and refractory aggregates from slag aluminothermic production. Given refractory concretes on the basis of the properties of the obtained dry mix. Keywords: dry mixtures, heat-resistant concrete, high alumina industrial waste, aluminothermic slag, high alumina cement, phosphate binders, heat-resistant properties.


Kand. tehn. OA Sciences Belogurova, MA Savarina, TV Sharai

FGBUN "Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials them. AND IN. Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Apatity, Murmansk region., Russia

UDC 666.762.14  MULLIT-KORDIERITE  materials from kyanite ORE DEPOSITS Keiv

Work on getting mullit-kordierie  lightweight material on the basis of kyanite ore pellets. It was found that to improve the strength characteristics of the need to change not only the composition but also the sequence of operations .  Dependence of the strength of the number and combinations of additives to the charge on the basis of the granules, the kind  and magnesia .Keywords: kyanite ore  system granules, carbidization aluminosilicate matrix mullit-kordierite insulation material.

Dr. Sc. Sciences AI Whips, PhD. tehn. Sciences SV Sokolova, MV Konnov, EA Chernov VA Shirokov

VPO "Samara State University of Civil Engineering"Samara, Russia

UDC 691.51 / 55: 691.33

Phosphate bonds based on mineral sludge waste

The influence of different chemical composition of the sludge in the process of synthesizing liquid phosphate ligaments. The possibility of using alumina-and carbonate sludge as the main component of liquid phosphate ligaments - a mixing effective refractory composites. Keywords: sludge, phosphate binder, synthesizing reaction, Raw sludge heat-resistant concrete.

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