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PhD. Sci. G.Y Akimov, A.A Novohatskaya, Y.F Revenko, PhD. Sci. V.V Burhovetsky, Z.F Kravchenko

Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 Heating at temperatures up to 1500 ° C and formation of structure and properties (La0,65Ca0,35) 1 - xMn1 + xO3 ± D (x = 0, 0.2) manganite ceramics

The results of studies of the effect superstoichiometric manganese on formation of structure ceramic compositions (La0,65Ca0,35) 1 - xMn1 + xO3 ± D (x = 0, 0.2) at its sintering temperature range of 1000 to 1500 ° C. It was found that sintering of ceramics with x = 0.2 at 1450 ° C leads to nanosized layered internal structure of the ceramic grains. Also found that during sintering of the ceramic composition in the temperature range 1200-1450 ° C a composite material consisting of grains and grain manganite manganese oxide. It is shown that an excess of manganese stimulates the sintering process. A comparative analysis of structure formation and sintering of ceramics with or without an excess of manganese, and demonstrated the features and differences of the magnetoresistance. Keywords: lanthanum manganite, sintering, ceramic, texture, layers, colossal magnetoresistance.


PhD. tehn. Sciences K.B Podbolotov, PhD. tehn. E.M Dyatlov, A.A. Babak, T.S Sinyakina

Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Belarus


The article describes the features of the formation of the phase composition of the materials in the Al-SiO2-C at SHS with mechanical activation of the initial charge and the use of different raw materials. It is shown that during mechanical activation can be achieved by increasing the speed of CVS 2-3 times by increasing the specific surface area of ​​the system. Studied the basic properties of the synthesized ceramic materials: coefficient of linear expansion, density, porosity and mechanical strength. Phase composition contains residual quartz, corundum, silicon carbide and mullite, as impurity phases - silicon and aluminum silicide. Studies have shown high efficiency of SHS synthesis to produce ceramic materials based on silicon carbide and oxide alyuminiya. Keywords: SHS, mechanical activation, phase formation, corundum, silicon carbide, strength, coefficient of linear expansion.


 PhD. tehn. Sciences Y.A Balinova, T.M Shcheglova, G.Y Lyulyukin, A.S Timoshin

FSUE "VIAM", Moscow, Russia

UDC 666.6  Research of fibers and d-Al2O3 POWDERS IN thermal shock

The processes of the phase transformations in the fibers and powders d-alumina subjected to thermal shock at a temperature of 1100 ° C. The features of structural transformations that are typical of fibers and oxide powders alyuminiya. Keywords fibers, powders, alumina, thermal shock, temperature, phase.


VA Kukartsev, PhD. tehn. Sciences A.K Abkaryan, * PhD. econ. Science F.V.Kukartsev

Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

* Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

UDC 666.7  INFLUENCE OF DRYING TEMPERATURE FOR CHANGE interplanar spacing LATTICE AND PROPERTIES Quartzite Pervouralsk, used as a lining of induction furnaces MASS X-ray method

The effect of drying temperature on the change in the distance between planes of the crystal lattice of quartzite used in the lining of induction, crucible furnaces of industrial frequency (ICHT) by X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The regularities of changes in the interplanar distances quartzite, dried at different temperature regimes, built plots. A relation of changes in the crystal lattice of the material properties, affecting the resistance lining induction furnaces. Keywords: quartz, drying mode, interplanar spacings, the crystal lattice, lining, industrial frequency induction furnace.


 Kand. tehn. Sciences AA Sandulyak, PhD. tehn. Sciences VA Yershov, Dr. Sc. AV Science Sandulyak, PhD. tehn. Science V.S.Semenov

Moscow State Construction University, Moscow, Russia

Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science, Moscow, Russia

UDC 666.7  Approach to the problem of magnetic separation using an alternative expression for the magnetic force

Are given alternative (theoretical and phenomenological) expression for the magnetic force acting on ferroparticles in the working area of ​​the separator or analizatora.Obrascheno attention to the need to assess the significance of the power dynamics equations ferroparticles members, with the identification of the dominant forces and thus justified the simplification of the form and the relevant decisions of the equation. Examples of solving problems of dry and wet magnetic separation, and magnitokontrolya ferroprimesey. Keywords: conditions of capture, magnetic separation, magnetic force, the equation of motion ferroparticles, ferroparticles.


PhD. chemical Sciences Y.S Prilipko

Donetsk National Technical University, Donetsk, Ukraine


Certain technological features produce piezoceramic materials based on lead zirconate titanate (PZT). Displaying their influence on the process parameters and electrical svoystva.Klyuchevye words: piezoelectric ceramics, ceramic technology, synthesis, properties, reproducibility, optimization, and ultrasound.




Dr. Sc. Sciences AI Nizhegorodov

National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU), Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365  CONCEPT ehnergotehnologicheskih UNITS firing vermiculite concentrate BASED electric modular trigger OVENS

The article deals with the energy efficiency of electric modular triggers kiln vermiculite transformed into shestimodulnuyu oven series-parallel conjugation (PPP) module and PPP oven with the latest "zero", electrified modules using recovered heat loss of radiant energy. The analysis of the energy balance of PPP ovens and temperature-time dependence, allows you to find the operating mode with maximum efficiency (a. N. G). We consider the construction of radiant energy heat exchangers and "zero" module firing, given the forecast increase in assessment. N. D., And energy intensity firing vermiculite structural changes PPP-pechi. Keywords: vermiculite, modular electric trigger furnace heat absorption, thermal radiation transport , working chamber, the firing unit, the "zero" firing module, heat recovery, the efficiency of the furnace.


R.R Ahtyamov1, Dr. Sc. B.J Sciences Trofimov2

1 «UralNIIstrom", Chelyabinsk, Russia

2 VPO "South Ural State University (NIU)", Chelyabinsk, Russia

UDC 666.7 Concrete on shlakoshchelochnyh knitting and fillers of fire clay and high-SLAG aluminothermal PRODUCTION

Developed heat-resistant concrete on shlakoshchelochnyh knitting and fillers from fireclay, high-alumina slag aluminothermic production of chromium metal and ferrotitanium. The properties developed by concrete results and their application in promyshlennosti. Keywords: heat-resistant concrete, shlakoshchelochnyh knitting, high alumina aluminothermic slag, heat-resistant properties.


Dr. Sc. Sciences AI Nizhegorodov

National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU), Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365 ALTERNATIV  CONCEPT ehnergotehnologicheskih UNITS firing vermiculite BASED electric modular trigger OVENS

This article discusses a new concept of power technology units firing vermiculite, processes of its heat absorption and transfer of radiant energy in the working chambers modules firing electric furnaces, the possibility of increasing efficiency and reducing the energy intensity of the firing by the rational choice of optical and geometrical parameters of the modules firing their energy-saving design, and also features heating elements and nodes of attachment, maintainability issues. It is suggested a structural transformation of the furnaces, including stoves with "zero" modules using recovered heat loss of radiant energii. Keywords: vermiculite, modular electric trigger furnace heat absorption, thermal radiation transport, the working chamber, the firing module, the efficiency of the furnace .


 Phd. tehn. Sciences A.D.Murzakova1, Dr. Sc. Science S.H. Shayahmetov2, Dr. Sc. Sciences S.M.Usmanov2

1Bashkirsky State Pedagogical University. M. Akmulla, Ufa

2Bashkirsky State University, Ufa

UDC 666,777: 620.173.25  PROFILE TECHNOLOGIES products from ceramics

The article presents the technology of specialized refractory ceramic izdeliy. Keywords: specialized ceramic products, refractories, extruder.


International Review


Satpati S., D. Goswami, A. Samantha S. Adak

TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited, Orissa, India



 Luz A., T. Santos Jr., V. Pandolfelli

Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil

Research Center Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ANALYSIS OF RESISTANCE REFRACTORIES to cyclic thermal shock by estimating the modulus of elasticity in a heated state


 J. Werner, K. Anetsiris

Institute of ceramics, glass and building materials, Freiburg, Germany

Elasticity modulus measuring aluminous refractories carbon bond by the method of pulsed excitation VIBRATIONS

In this paper we present results of measurements of the elastic modulus of alumina refractories carbon bond with different carbon content, obtained by the method of pulsed excitation. The measurements showed a significant increase in the modulus of elasticity of up to 1450 ° C, regardless of the carbon content. Furthermore, under cooling hysteresis characteristic was obtained.


 P. Tasso, C. Willoughby

Institute of ceramics, glass, refractories, Aachen, Germany

Periclase-carbon refractories for quick repairs BOF LINING

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