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PhD. tehn. R.N Yastrebinsky, PhD. tehn. V.A Doroganov, PhD. tehn. A.V  Yastrebinsky, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov, "Mr. Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.76 RADIATION -temperature-resistant, thermally hardened radiation-protective COMPOSITE MATERIAL

We have studied the radiation resistance and radiation-hardening heat-resistant thermal radiation shielding composite based on high-Fe magnetite concentrates in powerful streams of g-radiation (MG-25). Studied transverse ultrasonic propagation velocity of elastic waves, Young's modulus and shear, the mechanical strength of the developed composite. It was found in any of the absorbed doses of g-irradiation occurs radiation hardening composite material and begin the process of softening of radiation. The advantages of the developed composite in comparison with a known reactor concrete. Keywords heatproof composite high-iron magnetite concentrate, liquid glass, production, properties, gamma irradiation, radiation, thermal hardening.


Kand. tehn. Y.N Trepalin, Dr. Sc. I.I Nemec, PhD. tehn. V.A Doroganov, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov, "Mr. Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.768 Phase composition, microstructure and thermomechanical properties of the refractory concrete on the mechano-chemical phosphate-BINDING

Researches thermomechanical properties of refractory concrete based phosphate binders ZrO2, stabilized with 9-10% Y2O3, and Al2O3 with the introduction of modifying additives, obtained by milling a solid phase in an aqueous solution of H3PO4. These concretes have low (~ 1-1.5%) P2O5 content, high strength and heat resistance, which makes it possible to use it as a lining of high temperature (> 2000 ° C) heat units. Joint milling component binder is characterized by mechanical activation and chemical interaction of the surface of the solid phase and the phosphoric acid-activated reaction modifiers conducive to the interaction of the mixture components. The use of phosphate binders corundum composition as protective coatings for refractory materials, allows to increase resistance to aggressive environments and increases the service life of products. Keywords: phosphate binders, builders, mechanochemical interaction, refractory materials, protective coatings.


S.V Zaytsev, PhD. biol. V.S Vaschilin, D.S Prohorenkovs, PhD. tehn. V.M Nartsev, Dr. Sc. E.I  Yevtushenko

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 621.793.7: 546.82.03 / .04  Microstructure of films AlN, FORMED BY quadrupole magnetron sputtering

Studied film aluminum nitride (AlN), generated by quadrupole magnetron sputtering on glass substrates in a gas atmosphere of Ar-N2 at various nitrogen concentrations. It found that the coatings have a columnar crystal structure of wurtzite type, preferentially textured growth (002). The analysis of changes in the rate of deposition of aluminum nitride films with different concentrations N2. Keywords: reactive magnetron sputtering, aluminum nitride, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy.


Dr. Sc. V.K Classen, PhD. tehn. V.M Konovalov, PhD. tehn. A.G Novoselov

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov,  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.942.015.224:66.041.57 Lining resistance in cement rotary kilns of rational fuel burning

On the basis of tests carried out on optimization of more than 100 industrial cement rotary kilns set a definite relationship lining life in the sintering zone of the combustion of fuel. The influence of combustion of fuel in the state of coating on the refractory lining and durability. Proposed and implemented in an industrial setting method for optimizing fuel combustion by changing the rate of departure of the fuel-air mixture from the nozzle, the amount of primary air temperature and enthalpy of the secondary air, excess air ratio, the position of the nozzle and swirl the fuel-air lines. Keywords: the position of the sintering zone , lining life burning fuel torch.


PhD. tehn. V.I Onischuk, M.V Month, Dr. Sc. E.I  Yevtushenko, PhD. tehn. V.A Doroganov

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov, "Mr. Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.768  BINDING highly concentrated suspensions based on ceramic materials silicate glasses

The article discusses the similarities and differences observed in the properties and structure of highly concentrated ceramic binding suspensions and highly concentrated suspensions based on glass. The analysis of singularities preparation of highly concentrated suspensions based glass in comparison with the known laws of preparation of highly concentrated suspensions of ceramic binders. The processes of formation and hardening of highly concentrated suspensions based on glass to form a self-curing artificial stone, the prospects for further application of these materials in construction and other fields. Keywords: highly concentrated suspension of ceramic binders, highly concentrated suspensions based natriykaltsiysilikatnogo glass mechanochemical activation properties of the structure.


Dr. Sc. V.D Barbanyagre, PhD. tehn. R.A Kotliarov

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.76 Refractory cement HIGH BASED ON CALCIUM

Abstract high-temperature interaction in the system CaO-Al2O3-SnO2. The formation of a compound of composition: 14SaO-7Al2O3-2SnO2, the composition of which is based on high refractory cement having a high resistance to corrosion to high temperator and γ-izlochenii. Keywords: refractory cement, alyumostannat calcium, high synthesis , diffraction pattern, isomorphism.


P.V Matyuhin, V.I Pavlenko, PhD. tehn. R.N Yastrebinsky, N.I Cherkashina, PhD. tehn. V.A Doroganov, Dr. Sc. E.I  Yevtushenko

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.7 Radiation protection COMPOSITE MATERIAL construction purposes

The article shows the study design and produce heat resistant radiation-protective composite construction purposes. Its basic physical and mechanical, operational and radiation characteristics. The specified field of application of the composite material. Keywords: composite material, the heat resistance, radiation protection, building structure, system, use, durability, characterization, properties, fields, structure, surface, heat treatment.


Dr. Sc. S.S Ordanyan, S.V Wichmann, D.D Nesmelov, D.P Danilovich

St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University), St. Petersburg, Russia

UDC 544.01: 666.3.. SiC-MedB2 - the basis of new ceramic materials

The authors analyzed the relevant information about the sections of SiC-MedB2 Med-B-C-Si. It is noted that all the studied sections are described kvazibinarny and diagrams of the eutectic type. Analyzed the correlation between the melting point and the composition of the eutectic systems SiC-MedB2 and enthalpy of the corresponding diboride. The peculiarities of the diffusion activation during sintering ceramics based on SiC-systems MedB2. Keywords: silicon carbide, titanium diboride, zirconium diboride, hafnium diboride, togoplavkie connections, high temperature materials, ceramics, eutectic, quasi- binary section, phase equilibria.



Dr. Sc. V.K Starks, PhD. tehn. E.G Polkanov, PhD. tehn. N.A Gorin

VPO Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN"  Moscow, Russia.

UDK666.7  Formulations of highly abrasive ceramic masses on their hardness

It was found that the hardness of highly abrasive ceramic material after firing measured acoustic method affects the content of the ceramic binder and blowing agents in the form of hollow aluminosilicate microspheres and milled fruit pits. To a lesser extent manifested influence of the amount of the abrasive grain in zaformovannoy weight. On the basis of statistical data set hardness developed linear regression models of communication Sound index values ​​by volume and the weight content of the main components of the composition and mass of various structural grain. Keywords: abrasive ceramic materials, hardness, sound index, the composition of the molding compositions.


Dr. Sc. S.A Ryabtsev, PhD. tehn. E.G Polkanov

VPO MSTU "STANKIN", Moscow, Russia

UDC 621.922.025 Research of  abrasive properties of ceramic composition BASED microcrystalline CORUNDUM

The article is devoted to the results of experimental studies of technological and operational properties of the abrasive ceramic compositions on samples with normal and elevated structure made on the basis of microcrystalline corundum. The studies are set depending density changes burnup mass and the amount of deformation in the form of shrinkage after firing, and the tensile strength of various contents in the composition a microcrystalline corundum grains. Keywords: microcrystalline corundum, abrasive ceramic composition, abrasive tools, properties, stability, structure.

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