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Dr. Sci. S.A Suvorov, PhD. tehn. V..N Fischev, A.N Ignatiev, PhD tehn. Sciences N.V Arbuzova

St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University), St. Petersburg, Russia


Methods simplex grid planning and full factorial experiment established the influence of the grain and the component composition on sintering and the formation of physical and technical properties tialito-mullite materials and products. The results were used for the development of technological regulations on the production of high-mullite tialito-heat-resistant materials and products from them and specifications for tialito mullite, high alumina, heat-resistant refractory izdeliya.Keywords: TIAL, mullite, grain structure, the component structure, optimization, sintering, physical and technical properties, high-alumina tialito-mullite materials, products.


Dr. Sci. V.K Starks

VPO Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN"  Moscow, Russia.

UDC 666.6 KORRELATION STRENGTH high structural abrasive ceramic composition after firing With the strength of their molding compositions

Statistical analysis of experimental data revealed a close correlation between the tensile strength of the fired samples of high structural abrasive ceramic compositions, and flexural strength zaformovannyh samples before roasting them. The established correlation and regression model was developed to predict the connections allow the strength properties of the finished product at the stage formovaniya. Keywords: abrasive ceramic composition, roasting, strength, molding compositions.


Dr. Sc. E.I Suzdaltsev, A.S Yermolaev

JSC "Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise" Technology ", Obninsk, Russia

UDC 666.266.6 LITIUM-ALUMOSILICATE SISTEM. Formation of  crystalline compounds and their properties. PART III *

The review mechanism of nucleation and growth of crystals in the LAS glass ceramics. Keywords: lithium aluminum silicate (LAS) glass ceramics, nucleation, growth of crystals.


Dr. Sci. N.G Chumachenko

Samara State Architecture and Construction University, Samara, Russia

UDC 666.77: 66.041.9O Formation solid solution at firing ceramic materials

The results of the analysis of the phase diagrams of binary systems to the possibility of the formation of solid solutions based on Al2O3 and SaO.Mnogokriterialnymi methods proved that the trivalent cations among the greatest similarity with alumina for structural and technological parameters (valence of the cation size, the lattice parameters, the type of structure) is observed in Fe2O3 . It was found that on the basis of CaO can form solid solutions with the oxide Fe. This approach allowed us to develop the basic technological parameters of obtaining nizkoobzhigovoy ceramics and compounds that neutralize the harmful effects of carbonate inclusions due to the formation on the surface of lime shells of hard rastvorov. Keywords: solid solutions, low temperature sintering, artificial ceramic materials, adjusting components.


Dr. Sci. S.S Ordanyan, PhD. tehn. D.D Nesmelov

St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University), St. Petersburg, Russia

UDC 666.3 + 544 + 54-16  GRAINS under free sintering ceramics based on refractory boride LaB6, TiB2 and W2B5

The grain size of the sintered ceramic materials is the determining factor for the important physical-mechanical properties: strength, hardness, fracture toughness, heat resistance, and others. The study means to limit grain growth during sintering of multicomponent systems refractory borides offers the prospect of producing composite materials with adjustable strukturoy.Issledovan grain growth phase components in free sintering powder heterophase compositions based on quasi-binary eutectic systems LaB6-TiB2, LaB6-W2B5, TiB2-W2B5 and quasiternary system LaB6-TiB2-W2B5 in the temperature range 1900-2000 ° C. It is shown that the two-component materials at a sintering temperature of 2000 ° C characterized ~ 6-fold increase in the grain, while showing ternary ~ 4-fold increase in the grain. The dependence of the relative growth of the grains studied ceramics with temperature free heat. Keywords: free sintering, grain growth, eutectic, dispersion, borides, lanthanum hexaboride, pentaborid divolframa, titanium diboride, ceramics.




Kand. tehn. Science M.A Malkov

LLC "Meyrton Engineering", Moscow, Russia


The existing approach to describing the properties of periclase (PU) refractories. An attempt was made to evaluate the particular interpretation of some of the properties of compacts to describe the properties of refractories. For a more objective forecasting of operational properties of PU-refractory invited to complete characteristics of materials carried in the specifications, more detailed characteristics of the original components and performance of products after carbonization. Keywords: periclase refractory performance properties.


Dr. Sc. L.G Znamensky, PhD. tehn. Science A.S Varlamov

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "South Ural State University" (National Research University), Chelyabinsk, Russia

UDC 621.74.045  SHAPING OF CERAMICS FOR CASTING corrundum-periclase nickel superalloys

A replacement of the organic ethyl-silicate binder ceramic corundum forms an inorganic-based aqueous solution alyumoborfosfatnogo concentrate. The kinetics of the curing refractory layers. The parameters of the preparation of the binder and dusting, providing accelerated shaping of corundum-periclase ceramics. Results dilatometry, derivatography, as well as high-quality X-ray analysis were used to establish an appropriate mechanism of structure formation. The technology for the manufacture of ceramic shell of corundum forms on alyumoborfosfatnom concentrate. Absence due silica reduces the risk of depletion of the alloying elements of the surface layer of castings made of heat-resistant nickel alloy is poured into the mold in vakuume. Keywords: ceramic molds, investment casting, ethyl silicate binder, an aqueous solution concentrate alyumoborfosfatnogo, periclase, corundum, heat-resistant nickel alloy .


V.S Frolov1, PhD. tehn. A.V Bogorodskiy2, PhD. tehn. A.V Vetyugov2, Dr. Sc. V.N Blinichev1

1Ivanovsky State University of Chemical Technology, Ivanovo, Russia

2 branch of the Moscow State Industrial University, Kineshma, Russia

UDC 621.926.4 Research of  grinding process of alumina VIBRATION  MILL

The design of the new vibrovraschatelnoy mill. Experimental research on grinding of alumina brand GN mill of this type in various modes. The dependence of alumina grinding brand of GN volume ratio of the crushed material and ceramic grinding media, the size of the grinding media and the time. Keywords: grinding, mill, surface area, alumina.



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