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Dr. Sc. G.N  Shabanova, PhD. tehn. A. Korogodskii

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 544.31 Physics- chemical bases CREATION CONCRETE spinel. 1. STRUCTURE subsolidus aluminate oxide systems

The results of the study of the structure of three-subsolidosnogo aluminate oxide systems, which are the basis for obtaining special binding materials multifunctional purpose. The choice of the field of optimal in terms of getting unshaped refractory materials. Keywords: three-component system, sobsulidosnoe structure, thermodynamic method, solid-phase reactions.


Kand. tehn. V.B Ponomarev

Ural Federal University. First Russian President BN Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg, Russia

UDC 621.928.6  Consideration of  particles flow regime and the regime of movement among PNEVMOCLASSIFICATION  IN POWDER

The mathematical calculations of the gas stream flow regimes of the particles of the bulk material in the channels of air classifiers. The relationship between the regime and the regime of flow of the particles of the medium in the channel klassifikatora.Na example fractionation quartzite shown that laminar motion of the medium is carried out in an apparatus for the separation of particles of less than 57 microns borders and turbulent - with the amount of grain boundary over 1 word mm. Keywords : flow regime, the regime of protection, air classification, a particle powder gas stream.


Y.A Komysa, PhD. Sci. G.Y Akimov, A.V Zhebel, N.E Pismenova

Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute. AA Galkin of Ukraine,. Donetsk, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 Influence of small additions Bi2O3 ON THE formation of the microstructure and electrical properties of ceramics stabilized zirconia Sc2O3

We have studied the technique of low-temperature sintering of ceramics from stabilized zirconia scandium oxide (ScSZ). Analyzed the structural and electrical properties of the samples of material from the point of view of the influence of small additions of bismuth oxide Bi2O3. Keywords: zirconia stabilized with scandium oxide, doping Bi2O3, structure and properties.


Dr. Sc. L.G Znamensky, PhD. tehn. Science A.S Varlamov

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "South Ural State University" (National Research University), Chelyabinsk, Russia

UDC 621.74.045 ELEKTRIC-IMPULSE  filtration shaping foundry CERAMICS

The article is devoted to improving the quality of casting ceramics. Proposed manufacture of ceramic molds and cores by filtration activated by nanosecond electromagnetic pulses gelling solution through its hardener clad filler. PH measuring methods, X-ray diffraction and infrared spektrometrii regularities filtration processes in gelling colloidal solutions. Processing impregnating colloids elektromagnitnymi nanosecond pulse causes a reduction of more than 50% of their kinematic viscosity and increasing in depth 2.0-2.5 impregnation gelling colloidal solutions clad filler. A mathematical model of the kinetics of filtration processes in gelling colloidal systems, activated by nanosecond electromagnetic pulses. According to the model can be calculated for different production conditions optimal technological parameters and effectively manage the processes of formation of the filtration. The developed technologies to achieve increase in strength of 1.5-2.0 times, particularly in hot, ceramic cores and molds with their high dimensional accuracy. The result is improved quality items. Keywords exact words: ceramic form, filtering, gelling solution kinetics, ethyl silicate binder, sodium silicate, nanosecond electromagnetic pulses, aluminum chloride.


Refractories for glass industry


Dr. Sc. V.Y Dzyuzer

FSAEI VPO "Ural Federal University", Ekaterinburg, Russia

UDC 666.762.1.043:666.1.031 Formation of energy efficiency CHANNEL LININGS forehearth glass furnace

An original structure substructure forehearth channel. For thermal insulation electrofused baddeleitokorundovyh refractories used in modern fibrous insulation products, including microporous sandwich plate. In the range of the maximum surface temperature of the glass 1350-1200 ° C, in comparison with the traditional glass industry structure of masonry channel thermal resistance lining doubles and is about 3 (m2 • K) / W. As a result, halving the specific heat flux through the bottom of the channel structure and a corresponding reduction of the temperature gradient across the width and depth of the glass layer coefficient of thermal homogeneity of the melt increases with 87,2-76,4 94,1-93,3% to . Keywords melting furnace , forehearth channel masonry structure, temperature, heat flux, the coefficient of thermal uniformity.



Dr. Sc. S.A Ryabtsev, PhD. tehn. E.G Polkanov

VPO MSTU "STANKIN", Moscow, Russia

FSUE «SPC Gas Turbine" Salute ", Moscow, Russia

UDC 621.922.025 Stable properties ceramic composition BASED fused with increasing the structural

The results of the study of dynamics of technological and operational stability of the properties of tool abrasive ceramic compositions based on the number of fused struktury.Statisticheskoy treatment of experimental data on raw strength, volumetric shrinkage, hardness, tensile strength and abrasion-ceramic compositions, the values ​​of standard deviations and coefficients of variation studied parameters. Keywords: corundum, abrasive ceramic composition, abrasive tools, properties, stability, structure.


Dr. Sc. Science M.A Goncharov, PhD. tehn. Sciences G.E Stefan

VPO "Lipetsk State Technical University" (LGTU) g. Lipetsk, Russia

UDC 666.7  CONCRETE FROM  fireclay refractories nanoadditives

Dr. Sc. G.D  Semchenko I.Y Shuteeva, M.I Ryschenko

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 Phenomenon technological parameters of carbon and graphite SEAL PRODUCTS sol-gel composition

There are various methods to improve the resistance to oxidation of carbonaceous materials. Ways of improving the seal by impregnating carbon and graphite tooling manufacturing sol-gel compositions, with subsequent heat treatment in the endo or gas in an ammonia environment at a temperature of 1050-1150 ° C (2-3 hours), or at 1230-1270 ° C (20-30 min ) . Keywords: sol-gel, carbon-graphite products.


A.V Yagovtsev1,3  Dr. geol.-miner. Sciences V.A Perepelitsyn2, Dr. Sc. Sciences N.V Obabkov3, A.M. Gorohovskiy1, PhD. tehn. A.V Science Shak3

1) JSC "Pervouralsk Silica Plant", Pervouralsk, Russia

2) of "Eastern Institute of Refractories", Ekaterinburg, Russia

3) GAOU VPO "Ural Federal University", Ekaterinburg, Russia

UDC 66.046.58: 666.762.5 Research of  refractory materials

This material is used in the continuous casting of steel. From resistance to slag it depends on the length of the casting. Was applied 25-1 fractional factorial experiment to determine the effect of the refractory composition (the content of graphite, silicon carbide, boron carbide) Oxidation and reacting with the slagging mixture (C / S = 1, F = 8%) at 1400 ° C. It is found that the boron carbide has superior oxidation properties compared to silicon carbide. Keywords: submersible glass, continuous casting steel slag-forming mixture, antioxidant.


Dr. Sc. V.N Grunskii, Dr. Sc. A.V Bespalov, PhD. tehn.  M.D Gasparyan, A.S Novoselov

MUCTR. DI Mendeleev, Moscow, Russia

UDC 542.941.4 Ceramics of  highly porous honeycomb catalysts for reduction trinitrobenzanilid.

The results of modifying the outer surface of the ceramic honeycomb carrier of highly permeable structure. Effective ceramic sverhkislotny synthesized highly porous honeycomb catalyst for the recovery process 2 ', 4', 4-trinitrobenzanilida. The main physical and mechanical characteristics of the vehicle and catalyst activation energy of catalytic process. Keywords: modification of the outer surface keramichesey sverhkislotny highly porous honeycomb catalyst zirconia restoration, 2 ', 4', 4-trinitrobenzanilid.


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