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Dr. Sc. G.N Shabanova, PhD. tehn. A.N Korogodskii

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 544.31 Physics - chemical bases CREATION concrete spinel. Part 2. STRUCTURE subsolidus chromite oxide systems

The results of the study of the structure of three-subsolidosnogo chromite oxide systems, which are the basis for obtaining specific binding materials multifunctional purpose. The choice of the field of optimal in terms of getting unshaped refractory materials. Keywords: three-component system, subsolidosnoe structure, thermodynamic method, solid-phase reactions.


Dr. Sc. G.N Shabanova, PhD. tehn. A.N Korogodskii

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 544.31 Physics- chemical bases CREATION concrete spinel. Part 3. Development of the composition of the spinel CEMENTS

Results of development of the compositions of binders based on the compositions of the multicomponent system (Ca, Ba, Mg) O-Al2O3-Cr2O3. It was found that the combination of elements and alkaline earth aluminate nizkoosnovnogo soluble compound spinel cements provides the desired reaction formation of the structure of high-temperature materials with increased operational harakteristiks. Keywords: aluminates, alkaline earth elements,  sparingly soluble compounds, the molecular kinetic model Stransky-Krastanov, strength, hydration mechanism.


Dr. Sc. S.N Grigoriev, Dr. Sc. A.A Kutin, Dr. Sc. A.N Krasnovsey, I.A Kazakov

MSTU "STANKIN"  Moscow, Russia

UDC 666.7 Angular velocity of rotation, die production of composite anisotropic RODS pultrusion

The results of the theoretical calculation of the angular velocity of rotation of the die in the process of manufacturing composite anisotropic rods pultruded, calculating the angle of the reinforcement of anisotropic composite rods produced using technology developed by the authors complex slozhnoarmirovannyh manufacturing products from polymeric composite materials. To derive the equations used in structural mechanics, as well as a special approach to determine the shear modulus of a heterogeneous system fiber / binder. The results can be used to design filery. Keywords: pultrusion, composite material, anisotropic rod anchor shaft lining.


S.V Zaytsev, PhD. biol. Sciences S.V Vaschilin, D.S Prohorenkovs, PhD. tehn. V.M Nartsev, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov ", Belgorod, Russia

UDC 621.793.7: 546.82.03 / .04SINTEZ AlN films using vacuum-PLASMA TECHNOLOGY

The possibility of obtaining thin films of aluminum nitride (AlN) on sapphire substrates by magnetron sputtering quadrupole alternating current (AC) in a gas atmosphere of Ar-N2. The results of the study obtained morphology and elemental composition of the surface of the AlN films on sapphire. The regularities of deposition of stoichiometric composition and the structure of the hexagonal nitride, aluminum and all a result of X-ray diffraction studies determined that the resulting film had a preferential growth of the texture (002) . Keywords: aluminum nitride, magnetron sputtering, X-ray diffraction, surface morphology.


PhD. Sci. R.N Yastrebinsky, V.A Doroganov, Dr. Sc. V.I Pavlenko A. In. Yastrebinsky, P.V Matyuhin, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

Belgorod State Technological University

 Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.76 Heat radiation protection ofCOMPOSITE MATERIAL

The possibility of obtaining a refractory composite radiation-shielding material based on activated iron hydroxide and barium sulfate silicone binder. Use of radiation-shielding inorganic filler material allows to operate at temperatures above 1000 ° C and exposure to high-energy gamma radiation. Factors studied technological preparation, physical-mechanical, and radiation-protective properties materials. Keywords: the composite material, a radiation protective materials, barium hydroxide, silicon binders, gamma-radiation.


P.V Matyuhin, Dr. Sc. V.I Pavlenko, PhD. Sci. N. Yastrebinsky, V.A. Doroganov, Dr. Sc. N.I Cherkashina, Dr. Sc. E.I  Yevtushenko

Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 669.1 TERMOradiation protection composite materials operating at high temperatures

This paper presents the results of studying the thermal stability properties of the radiation-resistant composite material based on aluminum matrix of hematite and temperature cycling to 1100 ° C. The proposed composite material (compared with the used radiation-resistant materials) have higher rates of heat resistance. It can be used as a supporting building structure to a temperature of 550 ° C; and as a curtain load the material to a temperature of 1100 ° S..Keywords: metallokompozit optical micrograph, however, thermal cycling.


 Dr. Sc. E.S Golubtsova

Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus

UDC [666.3: 621.3.035.463]: 519.2 Using of  statistical methods to solve practical problems for producing ceramic materials

Estimate the error and carried out a statistical analysis of the results of the experiment with N = 22, the plan of the experiment in the preparation of two-pressed samples based Si3N4-5Al2O3-3Y2O3%. It is shown that the greatest impact on the density puts pressure pressing, and not the content of ultrafine powder of silicon nitride (UDP Si3N4) .Statisticheskoy processing of the experimental results on plans 3 '3 and N = 22 shows that the compaction pressure and the content of ultrafine powder of silicon nitride (Si3N4 UDP ) at selected intervals varying (25-100 MPa) (0-85%) do not affect the density of the sintered samples based Si3N4-5Al2O3-3Y2O3% .Keywords: ceramic materials, statistics, mathematical methods.


Dr. Sc. V.I Pavlenko, PhD. Sci. R.N Yastrebinsky, V.A Doroganov, I.V. Sokolenko, PhD. tehn.  N.I Cherkashina, Dr. Sc. E.I  Yevtushenko

Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 669.1EFFEKTIVE METHOD FOR PRODUCING CRYSTAL nanopowders heat-resistant lead tungstate FOR RADIATION-heat-resistant protective material

This paper describes a highly efficient method by which was obtained a crystalline powder nanodispersed lead tungstate with an average particle size of about 50 nm. During the studies developed a simple and effective method for preparing crystalline nanopowder lead tungstate by conducting an exchange reaction and precipitation from solution. This material can be used successfully, particularly in the production of heat-resistant radiation-protective materials. Keywords crystalline nanopowder efficiency, titration, lead tungstate, radiation protection, temperature resistance.


Dr. Sc. G.D  Semchenko I.Y Shuteeva, O.N * Borisenko

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute",  Kharkov, Ukraine

* Kharkiv National Economic University, Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 Self-hardening alumina graphite coating to protect against oxidation, their structure and thermostable

Designed composition of coatings and technology of its production allowed to provide high oxidation resistance siliconized graphite at temperatures up to 1750 ° C. Keywords: corundum coating, graphite, thermal stability.


Refractories for glass industry

Dr. Sc. V.Y Dzyuzer

Ural Federal University. First Russian President BN Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia

UDC 66.041  STRUCTURE thermal insulation glass furnace melting chamber

The effect of energy efficiency furnace fencing at the specific productivity of gas and gas-electric glass furnaces. Develop a unified structure lining the walls of the cold melting chamber. With an average temperature of heat loss through the heat insulated surface baddeleitokorundovyh refractories do not exceed 520-630 W / m2. Keywords: melting furnace, the melting chamber, the structure of masonry, thermal insulation, heat transfer parameters.



PhD. tehn. M.D Gasparyan, Dr. Sc. V.N Grunskii, Dr. Sc. A.V  Bespalov, N.A Popov, Dr. Sc. M.B  Rozenkevich, PhD. tehn. Y.S Pak A.S Sumchenko, A.N Bukin

Russian Chemical-Technological University, Moscow, Russia

UDC 666.3: 66.9-66.092.4 Ceramics of highly BLOCK-mesh catalyst oxidation of hydrogen isotopes in platinum active layer

The article presents the technology for producing highly porous ceramic honeycomb block hydrogen oxidation catalysts coated with platinum active layer. Determine their basic physical and chemical characteristics in different conditions test. Data obtained by the activation energy of the catalytic activity and concluded that the prospects for their use in processes for the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen isotopes and benefits to the industrial granulated . Keywords: highly porous cellular materials (HPCM) ceramic block honeycomb catalysts, the platinum layer is active, isotopes of hydrogen, gas-dynamic resistance, the activity of the catalyst, the rate constant of the hydrogen oxidation reaction, activation energy.


PhD. tehn. V.A Abizov, D.A Rechkalov, S.N Chernogorlov

VPO "South Ural State University"

(National Research University), Chelyabinsk, Russia

UDC 666.7 Binder based on waste slag processing aluminothermal PRODUCTION carbon-free ferrochromium

The results of research on the development of alumina binder, based on the waste slag processing aluminothermic production of carbon-free ferrohroma. This modified additives based on esters of polycarboxylates. Presents refractory properties developed. Keywords: aluminous binder, slag aluminothermic ferrochrome production of carbon-free, additive-based ether polycarboxylates, heat-resistant properties.


PhD. tehn. A.V Aksenov, O.V Klenina, PhD. tehn. O.P Opolonik

MAMI Moscow State Technical University (MAMI), Moscow, Russia

Ltd. "Refractories", Domodedovo, Russia

UDC 669: 666.76: 666.7.041.9 EKOLOGICAL roasting process for REFRACTORY PRODUCTS

The data obtained by computational research and environmental characteristics of the processes of firing refractory products in the chamber, the ring and tunnel kilns. The research results provide an opportunity to select the type of oven with the highest environmental performance for firing the same type of refractory products. Keywords: calculation, determination, environmental characteristics, process, roasting, refractory products.


Sh.K. Irmatova, I.G Atabaev, Sh.R. Nurmatov, S.h Faiziev, S.S Muxsimov

Institute of Materials NGO "Physics-Sun" RU, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UDC 666.7 Corrosion-, abrasive, heat-resistant ceramic protective coating formulated low-temperature synthesis

Based on the analysis of causes of failures of equipment for thermal power plants, coal-fired plants, the requirements to ceramic coated heat exchangers to guard against corrosion and abrasion, as well as their production technology. Compositions based on local raw materials synthesized in the concentrated solar radiation. The synthesis, on the proposed test procedures studied coatings on thermal cycling, corrosion resistance. Keywords: ceramic coatings, corrosion and heat resistance.


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