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Dr. Sc. S.A Suvorov, PhD. tehn. Science M.N Nazmiev, PhD. tehn. Sciences N.V Arbuzova

St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University), Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The influence of the composition of the crushed  carbonate raw materials, the introduction of additives on the properties of high-density waterproof klinkera. Produce of clinker of high purity dolomite at a density of 3,28-3,34 a / cm3 at a temperature of 1750-1800 ° firing C. We researched plasticizers, water repellents, allowing process magnezia clinker materials with long periods of conservation of properties - fired pellets clinker more than one year, 30-45 products days. Keywords: magnezia refractories, high-purity carbonate raw materials, high-density waterproof clinker, plasticizers, water repellents, shelf life of clinker products.


Kand. tehn. Sciences O.V Kostyrkin, Dr. Sc. G.N  Shabanova, Dr. Sc. S.M Logvinkov, PhD. tehn. N.S Tsapko

UkrGAZhT, Kharkov, Ukraine NTU "KPI", Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 544.3.SUBSOLIDUS STRUCTURE OF CoO-BaO-Fe2O3. Part. 1. Thermodynamic Analysis of solid-phase synthesis reaction ternary oxide compounds SYSTEM CoO-BaO-Fe2O3

The results of the calculation of the Gibbs free energy change of temperature for the model reactions possible synthesis of ternary oxide compounds of CoO-BaO-Fe2O3. Established the thermodynamic probability of occurrence of these reactions towards the synthesis of ternary compounds based on localization of their compositions. A possible mechanism is described thermodynamically favorable development of cooperation in the direction of education BaCo2Fe16O27, Ba2Co2Fe12O22 and Ba3Co2Fe24O41. Keywords: triple oxide, Gibbs energy, the thermodynamic probability, the mechanism of interaction, synthesis.


Kand. Sci. A.V Kornilov, PhD. biol. Science V.S Vaschilin, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko, PhD. ped. E.A  Kornilov

Belgorod State Technological University, Belgorod, Russia

Belgorod Institute of Education Development, Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.6  Magnetic parameters films Co / Cu in the magnetic hysteresis loop and magnetoresistive

The paper deals with Co / Cu / Co films of the giant magnetoresistance effect, deposited on glass, silicon and sapphire substrates and annealed in vacuum 10-5 Torr at temperatore 240 ° C. Investigate the longitudinal, transverse and perpendicular magnetoresistive effect of the magnetic hysteresis loop, and at the same location of the sample relative to the external magnetic field for the films Co / Cu / Co and Co. The dependences of the magnetoresistance hysteresis loops form on the orientation of the external magnetic field and the plane  methodology for determining the saturation field and the saturation magnetization of the perpendicular magnetoresistive hysteresis-free loops effect. Keywords: thin films, magnetron sputtering, giant magnetoresistance, the coercive force, anisotropy.


Dr. Sc. V.F Kablov, Dr. Sc. O.M Novopoltseva, V.G. Kochetkov, N.V Kostenko, A.G Lapin

VPO Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute (branch) of VPO "Volgograd State Technical University" (FS (f) VSTU), Volzhsky, Russia

UDC 678.01  Effect of the compounds of transition metals on  rubber compounds

The development of modern industry requires increasing temperature limit exploitation of elastomeric materials, which is achieved by using new components that ensure the flow of physical and chemical transformations that enhance their  resistance. The paper shows the use of oxides of transition to create elastomeric compositions. We consider their impact on  rubbers based on total rubber  Keywords: elastomers, rubber, fillers, builders, d-elements, fire.


Dr. Sc. A.I Nizhegorodov

National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU), Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365 Heat loss in the MODULES FIRING electric modular trigger OVENS

The article assesses the level of heat loss during firing vermiculite by comparing the results of calculation of heating module electrical module and trigger the furnace to the criteria of energy efficiency obtained by the analytical model. Recommendations to reduce teplopoter. Keywords: electric oven module trigger, firing module, Thermal calculation, thermal radiation, heat rub, thermal conductivity, coefficient of performance, teplousvoenie, roasting.


Dr. geol.-min. Sciences V.A Perepelitsyn1, Doctor of Economics. V.M Rytvin2, S.I Gilvarg2

1OAO "Vost", Ekaterinburg, Russia.

2OAO "UK" Super Alloys Group-MidYural "

UDC 666.6 Aluminothermal slag

The available information and the results of comprehensive research ferrochromium slag aluminothermic held for decades as the domestic experts and the author. This slag has a set of physical and chemical properties that can be attributed to him as aggregates and to affordable and cheap functional additives of complex action. It reflects the experience of the application and considered perspective directions of use of slag . Keywords: aluminothermy, ferrochromium slag, refractories, spinels.


Dr. Sc.  A.F Fedotov

Samara State Technical University, Samara, Russia

UDC 666.3.017: 666.9-127  MODELS elastic properties of porous ceramics

We consider the continuum model of isotropic elastic moduli of porous materials are used as empirical function dependencies calculated porosity dimensional phenomenological models. As a result of the approximation set phenomenological models that most accurately describes the experimental data for ceramic and metallic porous materials. Adequate continuum model of the well-known, depending on the porosity of the modulus of elasticity allows you to calculate the remaining modules of elasticity. Keywords: elastic moduli, porous ceramics, a phenomenological model, the empirical constants.


Dr. Sc. A.N Nizhegorodov

National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU), Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365 Ehnergotehnologicheskih roasting process vermiculite on a physical model electric modular trigger OVENS

The article presents a study of power technology processes firing vermiculite in experimental electric furnace module trigger. Defines the value of the correction factors for the calculation of performance and time-temperature dependence, assesses the energy intensity and. N. N. The furnace in comparison with the analytical models. Based on the results of adjustments are made to the algorithm of engineering calculation of electric modular ovens triggers. Keywords: energy analysis, the electric module and trigger the furnace, the firing module, temperature-time model, furnace productivity, efficiency, energy intensity, the rate of temperature rise.


Refractories for glass industry

Dr. Sc.  V.Y Dzyuzer, A.Y Kambulov

Ural Federal University. First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, Mr. Yekaterinburg, Russia

UDC 66.041  HIGH PERFORMANCE LINING glass furnaces

Requirements to refractories and modern technical solutions for thermal insulation of the main structural elements of high-performance glass-furnaces. Boundary conditions for the calculation of heat loss through the masonry. It is shown that the use of modern lining ensures reduction of heat loss to the thermal conductivity of 485.2 kW, which has no analogues in the practice of glass industrial . Keywords: glass furnace, the structure of masonry, refractory lining, thermal insulation, heat transfer parameters.


Refractories from consumers

A.V Yagovtsev1 Dr. geol.-miner. Sciences V.A Perepelitsyn2, PhD. tehn. E.A  Visloguzova3, Dr. Sc. N.V Obabkov2, A.M Gorohovskiy1

1) JSC "Pervouralsk Silica Plant", Pervouralsk, Russia

2) GAOU VPO "Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia

BN Yeltsin ", Ekaterinburg, Russia

3) JSC "Evraz NTMK», Nizhny Tagil, Russia

UDC 666.762.5.017:621.746.328.3 Refractories steel casting

Refractory is used as a material for the slag belt immersion nozzle used in continuous casting, wherein the refractory in contact with molten steel and corrosive fluorine-containing slag. The microstructure of the refractory two different producers after operation for six hours. This material manufacturer A, shows increased wear of 2.8 mm / melting than the material manufacturer B 2.0 mm / melting. Furthermore dissolution of the refractory in the slag from the outside, as a change in the microstructure of the refractory under the high temperature and the carbon monoxide (CO). There destabilization of zirconia and refractory products and the formation of zirconium carbide (ZrC) . Keywords: refractory, submersible glass, continuous casting steel, zirconium carbide.



Dr. chem. Sci. D.V Prutskov, V.M Busko, I.P Malyshev V.D Troyan, T.F Shapovalova

JSC "Tehnohim", Zaporozhye, Ukraine

PJSC "Zaporizhvognetryv", Zaporozhye, Ukraine

UDC 666.762.11.022 PRODUCTION mullite-based fire retardants man-made and natural materials

The results of the development of industrial scale production of mullite refractories based slurries normal corundum, kyanite-sillimanite concentrate and boksit  clay. The technology of preparing the charge and firing in the rotary kiln. The high degree of mullitization received grog. The properties of refractories produced and proved their utility in a variety of advantages of metallurgical processes. Keywords: corundum, kyanite, sillimanite, bauxite, mullite, refractory quality.


Kand. tehn. Sciences V.V Efremenkov

JSC "Stromizmeritel", Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

UDC 666.6 Approach to design and construction of transmission lines for production of dry refractory mixes

A project of dosing and mixing line for the production of dry mixtures and refractory gunning mass used in the metallurgical industry. Showing line design features, having a horizontal arrangement of the process equipment. The urgency of the use of its own production of unshaped refractory materials for the repair of major units in the blast furnace, steelmaking and rolling mills Cherepovets Steel kombinata. Keywords: unshaped refractories, refractory dry mix, raw materials, automated dosing and mixing line.


Dr. Sc.  V.V Belov, I.V Samples

VPO "Tver State Technical University", Tver, Russia

UDC 666.7  DRY particle size distribution of the refractory mixture by computer-aided design

In a study to solve applied problems of optimization of industrial structure granolumetricheskogo refractory mixes for induction furnaces. Selection of the optimal criterion of maximum printed density grain composition dry mixture is produced using a special computer program. The calculation method is based on the approximation of the grain structure designed to blend etalonnomo grain structure that meets the most dense packing of the particles of the material. Keywords: refractory mixture, particle size distribution, optimization, packing density.



Z.Z Shermatov, I.G Atabaev, M. Payzullahanov

Institute of Materials NGO "Physics-Sun" Sciences of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

UDC 666.7  Production of multifunctional CERAMICS ON THE BASIS OF MINERAL UZBEKISTAN

We studied chemical and mineralogical composition and microstructure of porcelain stones Uzbekistan, developed based on these compositions of porcelain and ceramic granite mass, determined versatility Baynaksayskogo raw materials for silicate industry. Keywords: china stone, microstructure, granite.

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