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Dr. Sc. P.M Pletnev1, PhD. tehn. J.K Nepochatov2

1Sibirsky State Transport University, Novosibirsk, Russia

2 «Ceramic Engineering", Novosibirsk, Russia

UDC 666.653 Ferrite, structural and technological FEATURES

The classification of radar absorbing composites and basic requirements to them, marked advantages of magnetic absorbers of electromagnetic radiation. A brief description of the ferrite absorbers. The experimental results of the synthesis of ferrites of different crystalline nature (hexagonal and spinel structures), technological and structural features in the preparation phase and the formation of their microstrukture. Keywords: radio-absorbing materials, ferrites, sintering, microstructure, crystal modification.


Kand. tehn. Sciences V.M Nartsev, Dr. Sc. B. Atkarskaya, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko, PhD. biol. Science V.S Vaschilin, D.S Prohorenkovs, S.V Zaitsev

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.6 INFLUENCE fraction of oxygen in the plasma phase composition TiOh-coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering

The article presents the results of research carried out by X-ray diffraction in a coplanar mode at a fixed grazing angle of incidence of the crystal structure of thin coatings TiOx, obtained by magnetron method at different oxygen concentrations in the plasma and distances' magnetron-sample ". It obtained that with increasing concentration of oxygen plasma coating structure passes from the amorphous anatase-rutile through (with a predominance of anatase) to anatase, which is explained by an increase in input power to the growing coating. For each concentration of oxygen in the plasma at fixed points there is a critical process parameters layer thickness, which leads to excess crystallization. By increasing the distance 'magnetron-substrate "anatase peak intensity is growing, due to lower effect bombing coating plasma particles and increasing the energy extraction from the deposited particles with distance from the magnetron. It was determined that only for samples deposited at about 19.0. % O2 in the plasma is the maximum degree of crystallinity and the maximum share of the active plane, onto the poverhnost.Prichem this share does not depend on the distance "a magnetron-support", indicating that the specificity of a state of the magnetron plasma. Keywords: reactive magnetron sputtering, titanium oxide, anatase and rutile, X-ray diffraction.


Dr. geol.-min. Sciences V.A Perepelitsyn1, Doctor of Economics. V.M Rytvin2, S.I Gilvarg2

JSC "Vost", Ekaterinburg, Russia

JSC "UK" Super Alloys Group-MidYural "

UDC 666.7 Aluminothermal slag *

The available information and the results of comprehensive research ferrochromium slag aluminothermic held for decades as the domestic experts and the author. Ferrochromium slag has a set of physical and chemical properties that can be attributed to him as aggregates and to affordable and cheap functional additives of complex action. It reflects the experience of the application and considered perspective directions of use of ferrochromium slag. Keywords: aluminothermy, ferrochromium slag, refractories, spinels.


Refractories for glass industry

Dr. Sc. Y.N Kryuchkov

Gzhel State Artistic-Industrial Institute (GGHPI), Electrical insulators, Moscow Region, Russia

UDC 666.1.031  Boundary conditions in CALCULATIONS heat transfer in the glass melting furnace

The features of the boundary conditions in the calculation of heat transfer in the glass furnace. The technique of account dependence of the radiation-conductive thermal conductivity of the layer thickness of the glass in the heat transfer through the construction of glass kiln. Keywords: radiation coefficient of thermal conductivity, boundary conditions, the effective thermal conductivity, melting furnace, heat transfer, heat flow



 Kand. tehn. O.A Slusar, Dr. Sc. N.A Shapovalov A.V Prohina

VPO "Belgorod State Technological University. Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.3-183.2 Properties of clay modified by microwave radiation

In this work the adsorption of organic dyes to clay particles. The effect of microwave radiation on the adsorption capacity of clay particles. An increase of the monolayer adsorption capacity by modifying clays different mineralogical composition by microwave radiation. The dependences limit the dynamic shear stress on the concentration of organic dyes on the particles of natural and modified clays. It is found that as a result of exposure to microwave radiation from mobility data clay suspensions reduced. Keywords: clay, organic dyes, adsorption properties, microwave radiation, the mobility.


M.V Pleshko1, Dr. Sc. V.D Kotlyar2, Dr. Sc. M.S Pleshko1

1Rostov State Transport University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

2Rostovsky State Construction University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

UDC 666.3. Mechanism of interaction of shards of pottery BASED gabbro-dolerite and moderately clay with engobes Jade and glossy GLAZE

The work conducted to determine the compatibility of the developed structure of the ceramic mass with engobe and glaze. Experimental method and AA Appena defined temperature coefficient of linear expansion of these layers. Conducted dilatometric study developed compositions. The main physical and mechanical properties of the veneering ceramic tiles: humid expansion, heat resistance and permeability. Fiber-fleksometric conducted studies of the individual layers. The reasons of a more uniform stress distribution of decorative layers. The structure of the developed ceramic tiles with the help of electron microscopy test. Keywords: kerramicheseaya mass engobe, glaze, the temperature coefficient of linear expansion, dilatometry, flexometer, electron microscopy.



Z.Z Shermatov, I.G Atabaev, M. Payzullahanov

Institute of Materials NGO "Physics-Sun" , Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UDC 666.7 OTHER  FEATURES porcelain tiles and natural GRANITE

For the first time in this publication presents the results of getting genital plates with improved properties, based on local raw materials. As raw materials used: Angren kaolin enriched brand AKS-30, the same mottled kaolin deposits and Angren clay and porcelain stone Baynaksayskie two varieties of quartz-sericite and quartz-kaolinite-pirofilits, Dehkanabad dolomite and quartz. Keywords: granite, kaolin, porcelain stones.


Kand. geol.-min. Sciences T.A.Shcherbakova, Dr. geol.-min. Sciences A.I Shevelev

FSUE TsNIIgeolnerud, Kazan, Russia

UDC 551.77 + 553.682.2.004.12: 53 / .54: 666.7 (470.56) New source of magnesium oxide to manufacture of refractory and ceramic products

On Khalilovo area the Orenburg region in the Cenozoic sediments of lakes and rivers gidromagnezitovye fractions revealed deposits representing a new source magnezialnoao for Russian raw materials. Conducted analytical and laboratory tests determined the material composition and the possibility of its industrial use. Keywords: magnesite, hydromagnesite, magnesium oxide deposit, Cenozoic, continental structures, prospects, refractory products, ceramics, Orenburg region.


M.S Payzullahanov

Institute of Materials NGO "Physics-Sun", Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UDC 666.7 FUNKTSIONALN ceramics, synthesized in a solar furnace

Samples of barium titanate synthesized by the action of concentrated solar radiation density of 200 W / cm2 on a mixture of TiO2 + BaCO3. Light exposure causes the synthesis of barium titanate of tetragonal modification with a higher degree of tetragonal compared to solid phase synthesis and synthesis of the melt in the sun simulator with a xenon lamp. Keywords: ceramics, solar oven, synthesis.



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