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O.V Kostyrkin, Dr. Sc. G.N Shabanova, Dr. Sc. S.M Logvinkov, N.S Tsapko

e-mail: tsapnata@yandex.ru

UkrGUZhT, Kharkov, Ukraine

NTU "KPI", Kharkov, Ukraine

KNUE them. Kuznets, Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 544.3 SUBSOLIDUS STRUCTURE OF CoO-BaO-Fe2O3. Part. 2. Phase Equilibria in the CoO-BaO-Fe2O3 EXCLUDING ternary compounds

The results of the calculation of the Gibbs free energy change of temperature for model simulating all possible two-phase equilibria in the CoO-BaO-Fe2O3. Using a thermodynamic analysis established stability conodes aforementioned system that allows to make a triangulation system, excluding its ternary oxides. Keywords: solid-phase reaction, Gibbs energy, thermodynamic stability, tie lines system.


Dr. Sc. Y.A Fadin, M.A Markov, Dr. Sc. S.S Ordanyan

e-mail: ceramic-department@yandex.ru

St. Petersburg Institute of Technology (Technical University), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

UDC 666.9.017 Wear-resistant materials based on aluminum oxide

The methodology developed for the rapid assessment of the wear of ceramic materials, working in tandem with metals. Despite the evaluative techniques, it has sufficient sensitivity to changes in the worn volume caused by changes in the structure of ceramics. Keywords: alumina, wear-resistant ceramics, tribology.


Kand. Sci. G.Y Akimov * T.A Solovyov ** Dr. of Technical Sciences P.I ** Loboda, Dr. Physics and Mathematics, M.V Karpets ***

e-mail: gencer47@mail.ru

* Donetsey Physical-Technical Institute. AA Galkin NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine

** National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Kiev, Ukraine

*** Institute of Materials Science. THEM. Frantsevich NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


The results of studies of the effect of pressure HIP 0.7 GPa on the physical properties of powders reinforced ceramic materials with a matrix of lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) and core fibers of titanium diboride (TiB2). It is found that the HIP pressure reduces in the matrix phase of the composite material voltages AB 2 type and somewhat increases the value of the lattice parameter. It is shown that this may be related to the mechanisms of powder densification during HIP. Keywords: borides, reinforced materials, pressure, structure, microtension lattice parameter.


Kand. tehn. Sciences M.D Gasparyan, Dr. Sc. V.N Grunskii, Dr. Sc. A.V  Bespalov, N.A. Popov, Dr. chem. M.B Rozenkevich, PhD. tehn. Sciences Y.S Pak, A.N Boein, A.G Osipenko

e-mail: migas56@yandex.ru

MUCTR Mendeleev, Moscow, Russia

JSC "SSC-Atomic Reactors", Dimitrovgrad, Russia

UDC 666.3. Ceramic highly porous cellular materials for trapping hydrogen in argon flow

To localize the hydrogen stream from the argon is provided a method for its high and postcombustion followed Sorption highly porous ceramic block cellular carriers coated with an active layer containing copper oxide and calcium oxide. It obtained application techniques active layers. Quantitative characteristics of their usage in the synthesized ceramic sorbents and oxidants hydrogen water vapor under conditions simulating the operation of a local gas purification process in the reprocessing of irradiated nuclear fuel. Keywords: highly porous ceramic  block-carriers, the active layer, copper oxide, calcium oxide, hydrogen, tritium, argon, utilization


Kand. Sci. G.Y Akimov, A.A Novohatskaya, V.V Burhovetsky, Z.F Kravchenko

e-mail: gencer47@mail.ru

Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine

UDC 666.7  Manganese EXCESS IN THE FORMATION OF PROPERTIES (Nd0,67Sr0,33) 1-xMn1 + xO3 ± D (x = 0, 0.2) CERAMICS

The results of studies of the effect of excess manganese in the formation of structure ceramic compositions (Nd0,67Sr0,33) 1-xMn1 + xO3 ± D (x = 0, 0.2) at its sintering temperature range of 1000 to 1500 ° C. It has been found that the presence of excessive manganese significantly changes the dynamics of the formation properties and the sintering of ceramics. It is shown that ceramic with excess manganese in sintering at temperatures above 1300 ° C there is no conversion of the phase composition.  Keywords: neodymium manganite, sintering, ceramics, grain structure, density, phase composition.


Dr. Sc. E.I Suzdaltsev, S.N Vandray, PhD. chemical. Science T.V Zaychuk, Y.S Ustinova

e-mail: ceramref@rambler.ru.

CVTs of "Technology", Obninsk, Russia

UDC 666.7 REOLOGICAL  FEATURES aqueous suspension of magnesium aluminum silicate GLASS

The article discusses the theoretical aspects of the preparation of highly concentrated suspensions of ceramic binders (ECCU) and presented study the rheology of aqueous suspensions of magnesium aluminum silicate glass composition using as a dispersant of an acrylic copolymer - sodium salt of polyacrylic acid. The amount of additive is determined experimentally so as to obtain the optimum suspension characteristics of the casting. The basic parameters and the rheology of the suspensions, the properties of the raw items. Keywords: highly concentrated suspension of ceramic binders, magnesium aluminum silicate glass, slip casting, the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid, properties, rheology.


© Dr. Sc. A.N Krasnovskii, I.A Kazakov

e-mail: al.krasnov@mail.ru

Bauman "STANKIN", Moscow, Russia

UDC 666.7  PRESSURE binder in the fiber feeding through the form of the sleeve in the process of manufacturing composite rebar BY NIDLTRUZIA

The paper describes a mathematical model for determining the pressure when applying the binder fiber through the annular fold comb in the manufacturing process of the composite reinforcement bezfilernym method. The results of analytical calculation for the composite rebar diameter of 8 mm are compared with experimental data and show good agreement. Keywords: composite material pultrusion, preformovochnaya plate, composite rebar.


Academician, Dr. Sc. V.N Antsiferov, Dr. Sc. I.V Anciferova

e-mail: iranciferova@yandex.ru

Scientific Center of Powder Materials Perm National Research Polytechnic University (NC PNIPU PM), Perm, Russia

UDC 666.7  Kinetics and grinding of brittle powders

We studied the mechanisms and parameters of the grinding process in the Al2O3 powder Disintegrator installation. It is found that the mechanical activation is associated mainly with decreasing particle size, increased surface area and to a lesser extent by lattice defects. Keywords: Al2O3 powder Disintegrator installation, grinding, mechanical activation, dispersions, particle size distribution, specific surface structure.


Dr. Sc. P M Pletnev1, PhD. tehn. J K Nepochatov2

e-mail: pletnevpm@stu.ru

1Sibirsky State Transport University, Novosibirsk

2 «Ceramic Engineering", Novosibirsk, Russia

UDC 666.6 RADIOPROPERTIES ferrite absorbers different structural TYPE

The results of the measurement of radar performance in the microwave range of ferrite crystal-absorbers different nature. The objects of study were experimental compositions hexaferrite and spinel ferrite group including ferrites domestic industrial manufacturing brands 6000NM1, 3000NMS, 2500NMS and 600NN. The frequency dependence (from 8 to 18 GHz) of the electromagnetic radiation absorption of iron found blurred extremes, their nature and location are determined in the frequency range of structural-phase structure of ferrite. Keywords: ferrite, electromagnetic radiation, radio-performance, microwave range.



M.E Kurbanbaev, Dr. geol.-min. B.O Yesimov, Candidate of Science T.A Adyrbaeva, Dr. of Technical Sciences V. Vereshchagin

e-mail: vver@tpu.ru

South Kazakhstan State University. M.Auezov, Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Tomsk Polytechnic University,. Tomsk, Russia


The analysis of ceramic raw materials mining Republic of Kazakhstan and selected potential clay emaciated and materials required for the synthesis of electrical porcelain. Studied chemical and mineralogical composition, physico-chemical and technological properties and phase transformations during thermal treatment not previously used in the manufacture of electrical porcelain raw materials. Optimal compositions batches. The technology of porcelain electrical insulation purposes. The processes of formation of porcelain and ceramic-technological and dielectric properties. Keywords: Electrical porcelain, minerals, sintering, electric strength.


Z.Z Shermatov

e-mail: fauz@bk.ru

Institute of Materials NGO "Physics-Sun" Sciences of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan


In this article the author considered the new aspects of construction tiles and ceramic on ceramic basis. Keywords: building tiles, ceramics, glass and ceramics.



I.A Profits, Candidate of Science Y.S Zuev

e-mail: tinyman87@mail.ru

SFTI MEPhI, Snezhinsk, Russia

UDC 621.762.04  Ceramics synthesized based on nanostructured powders Al2O3, EXPOSED ultrasonic treatment

A method of processing alumina powders prior to compression, which increases the strength characteristics and reduces the porosity obtained based on said ceramic powders. Keywords: alumina, sonication strength.


Dr. geol.-min. Sciences V.A Perepelitsyn1, Doctor of Economics V.M Rytvin2, S.I Gilvarg2

e-mail: office.kof@miduluralgroup.com

JSC "Vost", Ekaterinburg, Russia

JSC "UK" Super Alloys Group-MidYural "

UDC 666.7 Aluminothermal slag OAO "Klyuchevskoy Ferroalloy Plant"

The available information and the results of comprehensive research aluminothermic slag conducted for several decades as the domestic experts and the author. These toxins have a set of physical and chemical properties that can be attributed to them as fillers, and to affordable and cheap functional additives of complex action. It reflects the experience of the application and considered perspective directions of use of slag. Keywords: aluminothermy, refractories, spinels, Bonito.


Kand. tehn. Sciences V.A Abyzov1, PhD. tehn. A.N  Abyzov2

e-mail: uzalniist@mail.ru

1FGBOU WEI South Ural State University (NIU), Chelyabinsk, Russia

2 «Ural Research Institute of Building Materials  Chelyabinsk, Russia

UDC 666.6  Heat-resistant concrete BASED phosphate bonds and fillers from waste production and processing of aluminum

The results of research on the heat-resistant porous concrete phosphate binders and fillers from aluminum smelting slag, dump slag smelting of secondary aluminum, fabricated aluminum etching sludge. Given heat-resistant properties of the concrete. Keywords: cellular refractory concrete, aluminum slag, sludge pickling, phosphate binders, heat-resistant properties.


Kand. tehn. Sciences V.I Ilyin

e-mail: lera@muctr.ru

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Russian University of Chemical Technology named after DI Mendeleev ", Moscow, Russia

UDC: 628.543.504.2S Wastewater treatment technology ENTERPRISES refractory products and ceramics

The solutions for improving elektroflotatsionnoy wastewater treatment technology enterprises refractories and ceramics under the influence of flocculants, design optimization  apparatus and its mode of operation. This enhances the cleaning efficiency and reduce power consumption. Keywords: environmental protection, electroflotation, membrane electrolysis, wastewater treatment, water circulation.


A.I Nizhegorodov

e-mail: nastromo_irkutsk@mail.ru

National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU), Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365 Thermal field in MODULES FIRING pilot-scale kiln vermiculite

In the article the results of experimental studies of thermal fields in the working chambers units firing on the surfaces of its base, a comparison of earlier analytical calculations obtained from empirical data, concludes that the applicability of the analytical model of radiative transfer in the flow of intumescent vermiculite. Based on the evaluation of the adequacy of the results it is concluded about the possibility of an energy analysis of the "oven-environment" and receiving electrical engineering calculation algorithm module and triggers kilns. Keywords: vermiculite concentrate, vermiculite, modular electric trigger oven temperature, the working chamber, the firing module ,  the distribution of temperature, operating mode and "idling" the furnace.

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