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Kand. tehn. Sciences O.V Kostyrkin, Dr. Sc. G.N Shabanova, Dr. Sc. S.M Logvinkov, PhD. tehn. N.S Tsapko

UkrGAZhT, Kharkov, Ukraine

NTU "KPI", Kharkov, Ukraine

KNUE, Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 544.3 SUBSOLIDUS  STRUCTURE OF CoO-BaO-Fe2O3.ChAST 3. ANALYSIS OF THE STRUCTURE OF subsolidus CoO-BaO-Fe2O3 With allowance for triple oxide compound

The article is devoted to analysis of the final solid-phase processes occurring in the system CoO-BaO-Fe2O3 with all its stable two- and three-phase combinations. We give a complete subsolidus structure and geometric-topological characteristic of BaO, CoO-Fe2O3 and its phases. Presented topological graph the relationship of elementary triangles studied sistemy. Keywords: system, Gibbs energy, thermodynamic stability, a combination of the phases, subsolidus structure.


Kand. tehn. Sciences K.B Podbolotov, PhD. tehn. E.M  Dyatlov, Dr. Sc..A.T Volochko

Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Belarus

Physico-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus

 UDC 666.76  KORDIERIT-MULLITE CERAMICS USING OXIDE zirconium and aluminum-containing refractory filler

The paper considers the impact of various refractory fillers in the ceramic matrix kordierit-mullite based on its properties and phase composition. It is found that the introduction of zirconium and mullitosoderzhaschih components of the mass to obtain a mullite-cordierite ceramics fails to achieve increasing the mechanical strength of the material in 2-3 times, with the coefficient of linear expansion at 800 ° C is (3,5-4,5) • 10 -6 K -1. It is shown that the ratio of crystalline phases in materials prepared using zirconium waste (cordierite, and zirconia for the first, cordierite and mullite for the latter), are almost independent of the initial composition. Thermal stability of the materials obtained with the introduction of the refractory filler is more than 800 cycles of 80 ° C - water. Keywords: cordierite, mullite, heat resistance, strength, coefficient of linear expansion, technological wastes refractoriness.


Dr. Sc. V.S Zarubin, Dr. Sc. G.N Kovyrkin, PhD. Sci. I.Y Saveliev

MSTU, Moscow, Russia

UDC 530.1; 536.2  Permittivity and thermal conductivity of porous ceramics

To be used in various branches of engineering porous ceramics using different approaches depending on the design prepared to assess its permittivity and thermal conductivity. On the basis of the variational approach built two-sided estimates, limiting the top and bottom of the possible values ​​of the estimated quantities and determine the highest possible accuracy of the calculated dependencies. The estimates allow for given porosity characteristics the solid of the porous ceramic medium and in the pores to predict the expected values ​​of permittivity and thermal conductivity of a ceramic, which largely determine the regions of its use. Keywords: porous ceramic, dielectric constant, thermal conductivity.


O.A Lukyanova, Dr. Sci. V.V Krasilnikov

Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.3.015.4  Elastic characteristic structural ceramic materials based on Si3N4 WITH ADDITION Al2O3 and Y2O3

Studies were conducted of the elastic characteristics of structural ceramics based on silicon nitride, a cold-isostatic pressing and free sintering. Determine such characteristics as the elastic shear modulus, Poisson's ratio, Young's modulus (resonance method and a four-point bending method), as well as the indentation modulus (curve analysis method of loading and unloading of the indenter). Keywords: ceramics, silicon nitride, elastic properties, the Young's modulus .


R.N Yastrebinsky, PhD. tehn. V.A Doroganov, A.V Yastrebinsky, N.I. Cherkashina, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

Belgorod State Technological University, Belgorod, Russia

UDC 669.1 RADIATION-thermal hardening heat-resistant radiation-protective COMPOSITE

Designed structure and technological parameters for obtaining a composite material based on a modified magnetite concentrate. Studied developed resistance of the composite material at elevated thermal and radiation . Restructuring and formation of octahedral and tetrahedral groups of iron atoms in the magnetite in the radiation-thermal effects of absorbed dose to 1-2 MG-radiation contributes to thermal activation and amorphization of iron oxides with the subsequent formation Odnokaltsievy ferrite, leading to hardening of the composite. Keywords: heat-resistant composite magnetite matrix properties of gamma radiation, the radiation-thermal hardening.


Kand. tehn. S.N Perevislov *, Dr. Sc. I.B ** Panteleev, PhD. tehn. Sciences S.V Wichmann ** M.V Tomkovich ***

* OAO "TSNIIM", St. Petersburg, Russia

** SPbSTI (TU), St. Petersburg, Russia

*** Ioffe Institute. AF Ioffe, RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

 UDC 666.3-13. Method of preliminary synthesis of complex oxides on silicon carbide materials compressibility 

Liquid-phase sintering to obtain a dense materials based on carbide kremniya.V as sintering additive used oxides, Al2O3, Y2O3 and MgO, corresponding to the composition of yttrium aluminum garnet and triple eutectic point on the line of binary sections of garnet-spinel. The oxides were synthesized by high-temperature sintering, high-speed quenching of the melt and plasma remelting. The maximum density of SiC-material (rotn = 98.8%) is achieved with the introduction of the pre-synthesized in the oxide high temperature furnace powder. Keywords: the liquid phase sintering of silicon carbide, yttrium aluminum garnet, plasma remelting microstructure.


Dr. Sc. G.D Semchenko, PhD. tehn. D.A Hyles, V.V Povshuk

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 666.7 TERMODINAMIC. ASPECTS OF Ni and NiO as antioxidants periclase REFRACTORIES

The article presents the results of a thermodynamic study of the system Mg-Ni-O-C, important for the periclase-carbon refractories as the theoretical basis of their production in the presence of nickel-containing antioxidants. We established components of the system Mg-Ni-O-C: MgO and CO2, NiO and CO2, MgO and NiO, and MgNi2 and C. It is assumed that nickel and nickel oxide can act as antioxidants in the periclase-carbon refractories, including more NiO effectively in the presence of metallic aluminum. Keywords: antioxidant, Ni, periklazouglerod, refractories.



Dr. Sc. A.N  Nizhegorodov

Irkutsk State Technical University (IRNITU)  Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365   ENERGY SAVING ENERGY a multi-PPP ovens swelling vermiculite concentrate

The article assesses the efficiency of the electric furnace multi-module (PPP ovens) for roasting vermiculite with an additional non-electrified ("zero") module, taking into account the features of the new model of heat absorption vermiculite. Due to the replacement of the lower electric unit "zero", works by using secondary energy resources, vermiculite coming out of the lower electric unit with partly unfinished process of heat absorption. In an additional module, which accumulated as thermal heating exergy vermiculite by conduction and radiation goes into the deeper layers of his grain, processes of heat absorption and swelling vermiculite completed. The article assesses a. N. G. New modification PPP electric oven with "zero" module for different values ​​of the coefficient of heat absorption and the relative completeness of excess exergy. Theoretically justified energy efficiency of electric ovens PPP multi-module with optional modules are not electrified  heat. Keywords: vermiculite, heat absorption, exergy, electric oven trigger module, PPP oven module firing electrified module.


Dr. Sc. A.N Krasnovskii, S.A Egorov

Bauman "STANKIN", Moscow, Russia

UDC 678.539 Impact resistance Sheet retardant thermoplastic composites

The article presents the results of simulations of shock-resistant sheet products based on thermoplastic composite materials, which are three-layer sandwich structure, derived from engineering thermoplastics, glass fiber reinforced discrete. Keywords: composite, discrete glass fibers, flammability, flame retardant, thermal vacuum molding.


Dr. Sc. A.T Volochko

State Scientific Institution "Physical and Technical Institute

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus ", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

UDC 666.768  ACTIVE sintering aids on the formation of phosphorus-containing aluminosilicate PROPERTIES OF CERAMICS

The article presents a study on the production of aluminum silicate ceramic phosphate binder. The synthesis and study of the processes occurring in the synthesis of phosphorus-containing ceramics by using industrial waste products (slag smelting aluminum) held thermal analysis of the mixture of powders of aluminum slag-refractory fireclay, clay in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 and mixing phosphoric acid. To increase the strength and fusion activation were used additives: ammonium dihydrogen phosphate; boric acid; calcium fluoride, pyrite cinders; Ground combat hromomagnezitovyh magnesite refractories and in an amount of 0.5-5% weight in excess of 100% of the original mixture. It is shown that the greatest strength at minimum porosity provides administering complex additive comprising ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, boric acid, magnesite and ground combat hromomagnezitovyh ogneuporov.Klyuchevye words aluminosilicate ceramics, phosphate binder, porosity, strength, active additives.

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