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Dr. Sc. G.D Semchenko1, V.V Povshuk1, E.E Starolat1, O.N Borisenko2, A.S Katyuha1

1National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Kharkov, Ukraine

2 National Economic University, Kharkov, Ukraine

UDC 666.6.Properties periclase refractories containing 15-20% graphite, by using sol-gel COMPLEX MODIFIER FSF WITH DIFFERENT inorganic salts of nickel

The results of comparative analysis of the impact modifier complex sol and inorganic salts of nickel on the properties of periclase samples containing 15-20% graphite in the mixture after heating the samples at 180 ° C and after calcination at 1400 ° C, as well as their shlakoustoychivost . Established the identity of the impact of nickel chloride and nickel sulfate on all of the above data. Test samples can be given preference for the use of nickel sulfate in the composition of complex modifikate. Keywords: periclase refractories, increased resistance, modification of graphite, the sol-gel composition inorganic salts of nickel , complex modifier.


Kand. tehn. S.N Perevislov1, Dr. Sc. B. Panteleev2, PhD. tehn. Sciences S.V Vihman2, O.A Kozhevnikov2, M.V Tomkovich3

1OAO "TSNIIM", St. Petersburg, Russia

2SPbGTI (TU), Mr. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

3FTI them. AF Ioffe, RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

UDC 666.3-13  Oxides, solutions of salts on the surface of silicon carbide

By liquid-phase sintering to obtain a dense materials based on carbide kremniya.V as sintering additive used oxides, Al2O3, Y2O3 and MgO, corresponding to the composition of yttrium aluminum garnet and triple eutectic point on the line of binary sections of garnet-spinel. Oxides deposited on the surface of the SiC powder by coprecipitation from salt solutions. The maximum density (rotn = 99.5%) was achieved in LPSSiC-material comprising 20 wt. % Sintering aids at 1800 ° C. Keywords coprecipitation from salt solutions, liquid phase sintering of silicon carbide, yttrium aluminum garnet, microstructure.


I.N Pavlenko, R.N Yastrebinsky, N.I Cherkashina A.V Yastrebinsky, PhD. tehn. Sciences V.A Doroganov, Dr. Sc. E.I  Yevtushenko

Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 699.88 Thermo stable  nanotube fillers enhance the ability of neutron absorption

Shows a method of producing heat-resistant nanotube fillers with enhanced ability to slow and thermal neutron absorption based on chrysotile and its use as a part of the heat-resistant radiation-protective composite Operating temperature to 1023 K, and at local heating - up to 1423 K. Keywords nanotube fillers , chrysotile, neutron shielding, heat-resistant composite value of the relaxation length.


Kand. tehn. Sciences A.A Hort, PhD. tehn. E.M Dyatlov, R.V Golovach

Educational establishment "Belarusian State Technological University" (Belarusian State Technological University), Minsk, Republic of Belarus

UDC 666.7  Phase composition, microstructure and ferroelectric properties of barium titanate MODIFIED ION lanthanum and cerium

The results of comprehensive studies on the phase composition, structure, physical, chemical and electrical properties of ferroelectric ceramic material barium titanate modified by the introduction of ions La3 + and Ce3 +. The optimum concentration of modifying additives. The mechanisms of the effect of modifiers on the electrical properties materials. Keywords: barium titanate, modifiers, diffraction patterns, microstructure, dielectric constant, and electrical resistivity.


P.V Matyuhin, V.I Pavlenko, R.N Yastrebinsky, PhD. tehn. Sciences V.A Doroganov, Dr. Sc. E.I Yevtushenko

Belgorod State Technological University  Belgorod, Russia

UDC 666.7 THERMAL PROPERTIES COMPOSITE aluminum-containing material having a radiation-protective PROPERTIES

The paper presents the study of the thermal properties of the composite aluminum-containing material having a radiation-protective properties. Shows plots of compressive strength and flexural strength aluminum-containing composite material according to the temperature of operation. Keywords: composite materials, aluminum-containing, radiation-protective.



 R.R Ahtyamov1, PhD. tehn. A.N Abyzov2

1OOO "UralNIIstrom", Chelyabinsk, Russia

2FGBOU VPO "South Ural State University (NIU)", Chelyabinsk, Russia

UDC 666.7 Knitting BASED ON MELTING SLAG aluminothermic chromium metal

The results of research  binder based on slag aluminothermic production of chromium metal. Described phase composition hardening products. Displaying his change when heated.  Keywords: knitting, aluminothermic slag phase composition, aluminosilicates.


Kand. tehn. Sciences Y.I Storozhev, O.J Toloknova, E.V Guriev, S.S Nepomnyashchii

Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

UDC 669.041P Shaft kiln magnesite for gaseous fuels

Shaft kiln magnesite running on diesel fuel, are idle, up to 15% of the annual working time. To improve the stability of the furnaces is considered an option of transfer to a gaseous fuel. Gas temperature distribution and material of the furnace height. On the basis of the material and heat balances defined flow generator gas. Keywords: shaft furnaces, magnesite, producer gas, firing.


Dr. Sc. V.I.Kurdyukov, PhD. tehn. Sciences A.A Andreev

Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education (HPE FGBU) "Kurgan State University", Kurgan, Russia

UDC 621.92.079 CHEMICAL COMPOSITION ceramic bundles of abrasive tools on fireproof and spreadability

The article presents the methodology and results of the pilot studies according to fire resistance and flowability of the ceramic binder content of basic oxides in its composition. Keywords: bunch, fire resistance, spreadability.


Dr. Sc. A.I Nizhegorodov

Irkutsk State Technical University (IRNITU)  Irkutsk, Russia

UDC 666.7; 66.041.3-65: 691.365  Possibility of increasing K.P.D.ENERGY kiln vermiculite concentrate, use the "hidden" exergy swells MATERIAL

The article assesses the efficiency of the process furnaces for burning the vermiculite with an additional non-electrified ("zero") module. Due to the low temperature in the electrical firing vermiculite modules included in the "zero" in the unfinished unit of heat absorption. Here they accumulated thermal exergy by conductive and radiative transfer in part, it goes into the deeper layers of the grain and the processes of heat absorption, dehydration and swelling of vermiculite completed. The effect is achieved by the introduction of "zero" of the module. Theoretically justified energy efficiency of new modification of the electrical module and triggers kilns. Key words: vermiculite, heat absorption, exergy, modular electric oven trigger module firing electrified modul>.



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